Happy Healthy Hormones Through Holistic Wellness

Shamsa Johnston, Yoga Teacher, and Natural Wellness Guide.

I’m focusing on helping women over 40 navigate midlife and menopause naturally through optimal nutrition, low-impact yoga-based breath, and movement meditations that rebalance, realign, and restore. Minimise symptoms, hot sweats, and pain. Energising you into your progressive years.

What to except from classes

Classes are both revitalising and restorative, yet they will give you a complete and effective workout.  Using the breath we can enable energetic movement, whilst reducing anxiety through mindfulness, increasing the flow of energy, flexibility and developing finding ease of movement, in turn helping regulate our metabolism, improve immunity, and increase bone density over time.

These classes can provide a  low impact method of building stamina, improving circulation, strengthening and toning muscle tissue, whilst slowing down the nervous system, creating calmness, and balancing the chemistry of the body. The elongation and compression of tissue provide a massage of the internal organs, this assists in the detoxification of your body.

We start the classes with some simple breathwork, instruction on deep core engagement, and meditative sequences are also incorporated within the class routine. Sequences are repetitive with some variation. This allows you to feel consistent progress on regular attendance.

Each class is open to all levels and ages and is structured around a mixture of both Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow yoga sequences, using beginner’s postures. Allow your body to ease into a shape aiming towards the posture with equal amounts of effort and ease. Blissfully lengthening out, and finding deep core strength, to finally sink into the mat to find some stillness. How can the mat feel so comfortable?

Come and join us, commit to 6 weeks and you won’t regret the difference in your body.

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