Shamsa Johnston.

My yoga journey started in my early years. I had a little yoga pocketbook and I played about with some of the postures. I attended my first very generic class at a local gym in my mid 20’s. While the experience wasn’t anything spectacular, there was something that called me to return, so I answered that call – again and again.

When living overseas in South Africa, I began attending a weekly class and became aware that although my life was comfortable and looked picture perfect from the outside, under the surface was anger, frustration, fear and worry, along with a realisation that there were places and relationships that were very out of alignment.

Upon realising this and not wanting or feeling ready to do what I knew deep inside was necessary, I distracted myself by taking up Karate which enabled me to release my frustrations and anger in a healthy way. I loved the release it gave me and Yoga provided the counterbalance, the calmness and sense of peace I so deeply carved.

On my return to the UK, I was a practising Massage Therapist with a full schedule of clients, though I still wasn’t able to make space for what my own body needed. It was then I made the choice to enrol in a teacher training to deepen my own practice, explore the underpinnings of yoga, and learn how to share this powerful modality with others and positively impact their lives in the same way it had positively impacted mine.

In my teaching, I optimise and help recalibrate functional movement and flow to get participants connected to their breath. I offer a holistic approach to wellness, a balance with ease of movement, strength training, and nutritional guidance that supports hormonal balance. I love to see wellness radiate from people. When they experience the benefits of understanding how best to support their bodies,  the vibrance they carry out into the world through living their best life well is invaluable and inspiring to those who surround them. The most rewarding aspect of the work I do is to see people becoming stronger, and well enough to reduce various medications. Age gracefully and amplify longevity.

Happy Healthy Hormones Through Holistic Wellness

Shamsa Johnston, Yoga Teacher, and Natural Wellness Guide.


Telephone Number: 07591 433587