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After suffering from sub-acute neck/back tension and anxiety, it was recommended by my GP that I give yoga a go. Apprehensive about attending group classes as a beginner, I had the good fortune of meeting Shamsa who was offering one to one yoga as part of her teacher training. Shamsa has worked with me on a weekly basis to introduce me to a few styles of yoga and asanas.
Over the course of the weekly sessions I have definitely felt my confidence, strength and flexibility improve. Yoga has helped me to relieve a lot of my back ache and aids the relaxation of my mind and body – particularly after a hard day in the classroom!
I always feel refreshed and centred after a yoga session with Shamsa. She is welcoming, patient and takes the time to explain as well as demonstrate postures whilst considering my individual needs and abilities. Shamsa has provided me with an excellent personalised introduction to yoga and has given me various tips and exercises to help continue with my yoga practice at home.”

Thank you so much – I am loving your classes. I’ve been to so many to find the right one and I’m really thankful to have found you. Have a lovely weekend. Jude x

My yoga journey started just under a year ago. I was very unsure about the benefits, probably rather ignorant to be honest. I had no idea how good yoga was for your body and mind. Having been in an accident 10 years ago, which left my legs, in particular my knees, unable to function normally, I cannot kneel, ride a bike or sit crossed legged to name but a few of my ailments. When I had my first yoga session at Pampered with Shams, I was terrified, the thoughts going through my head we’re all negative; ‘I can’t do this’ ‘my body doesn’t work like a normal persons body’ ‘I’m stiff and have pain in my legs’ ‘I’ll do this once and that’s me’! Nearly a year on and my attitude has gone full circle, I am addicted to my twice a week, one to one, yoga sessions. Not only has the pain in my knees reduced, I realise that my body is capable of doing different moves, stretches and techniques. Yoga has improved my posture, my flexibility, my strength and my overall wellbeing. If you suffer from any form of aches and pains then please consider having a one to one session with Shams, she listens & understands the human body & how it works, the session will be tailored to your needs, I guarantee you will be amazed at your own capabilities.

Hi folks – just thought I’d share this. Just back from a lovely short run in this crisp winter sunshine. So nice to get out. But main thing is that even the small amount of yoga I’ve done to date has helped. Lighter on feet, stronger core, and greater flexibility in post-run stretches – noticeably better! V encouraging! Thanks Shamsa…😊

Hi, I really like the classes I feel much more flexible since  doing yoga. No back pain. Always need more advise on better position although I try hard. Really like Sphinx. Happy to try anything the others would like.
My only little thought is if the 6pm class stops would it suit everyone else to come at 6. Not a big problem I’d just prefer earlier but 7 might suit other people’s work timetable. Thanks Sham sa

Hi, really enjoy the classes ; I feel so much better, it’s just what I needed! I’m happy to do what we are doing and pushing ourselves to more strenuous exercises each week. Like the abdominal excercises;  maybe not at the time but will get used to it! 7pm suits me but could do 6pm at a stretch if it changed. Many thanks , Jacqui.

Increased flexibility and strength noticeable, balance too, but that comes with strength. 7pm suits me Tuesdays. Thanks

I am loving the classes it has done so much for me in terms of fitness and overall wellbeing. I work in Edinburgh and would really struggle to do 6pm hope it stays at 7pm Sara X


  1. Once I’d started doing the classes more consistently my ability to meditate through the movements increased and the classes became incredibly relaxing. My flexibility also increased and I quickly noticed progress in the postures. I think the classes are a great way to exercise and build strength without over-exertion and I really look forward to them! I’d also say they’ve been super helpful for my mental health, increasing my ability to focus and calm my mind. Would defiantly recommend! Zara xxx

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